Pauper & Plush is a cutting edge design range of fabric jewellery, furniture and accessories started by Urva Soni.

"Pauper & Plush is all about stories. Stories that capture the romance of the past with a hope for the future; emotions infused with design. My unique style of handcrafted jewellery, furniture and homewares is a personal journey that embodies the creative influences of vintage and retro, infused with the boldness and drama of kistch. It is my unique narrative of capturing beauty through artistry".

"The Pauper & Plush collection is about working with the past to create something new for the future by evoking emotion through the love of colour, texture and design. It is my form of creative alchemy to give life, beauty and imagination to a once inanimate and forgotten object".

" All my pieces are unique and many components have been collected through my personal journeys around the world. They all have a unique story to tell, an artistic labyrinth of mystery, culture and inspiration".

"Welcome to the world of Pauper & Plush".


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